Parts for Portsmouth Birdbath

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Smart Solar sells only spare parts direct to consumers and not complete product. If you are interested in purchasing one of our garden products, they are sold through a variety of retailers online. Items can be easily located by typing the description into an online search engine which will give you a selection of your favorite online retailers to choose from.


  • This is for reference to help you know the item # of each part to make placing an order faster and easier.
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  • Resin parts do not include solar panels or pumps (sold separarely).

    Weathered Stone Finish
    #20623BOWL - Resin Bowl for Portsmouth Birdbath
    #20623STAND - Resin Stand/Pedestal for Portsmouth Birdbath
    #20623BASE - Resin Base for Portsmouth Birdbath
    #20623WPLATE - Resin Plate to Substitute Solar Panel