Smart Solar™

Smart Solar is our original flagship brand (est. 2002) that offers a wide selection of exclusively solar powered products. We design, customize and manufacture all of our own products including:

  • Solar Water Features: aquatics, birdbaths and fountains
  • Solar Garden Decor: string lights, stake lights, hanging lights, table top lights, statuary and more
  • Solar Functional Lighting: path lights, spot lights, wall lights
  • Our solar fountains feature the latest in solar technology. Our solar panel and pump system are completely integrated and protected by a global utility patent. Our original Solar-on-Demand technology features a back-up battery allowing solar fountains to run during shady days or evening hours Shop our Smart Solar brand for solar-powered, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, water features and outdoor decor.

We are confident you will love solar living - that's why we've been creating solar products and growing the solar living lifestyle for nearly 15 years.

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Items: 112 of 56, per page