Sani-T is a health and home brand dedicated to personal cleanliness and hygiene.

With the current focus on keeping our environments healthy and safe, our line of high performance products is designed to help keep things cleaner whether you’re hanging out at home or out and about in the world. 

  • Hand Sanitizers: formulated with 75% alcohol, exceeding the CDC recommended amount of 70%. Skin emollients like glycerin provide nourishment and counter the drying effects of alcohol. Sani-T’s clean, light scent is pleasant and uplifting, and does not have the strong odor commonly associated with old-school sanitizers. Now available!
  • Air Purifiers: offer best in class features with proprietary turbine-like fan blades that increase air circulation to make your air cleaner even more effective. A simple yet elegant glass interface reminiscent of a smart phone user experience makes them intuitive to use. Available in two sizes to fit all your spaces. Coming soon!
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