SP-160X03 Pump with medium cable for Cascading Barrels/Pouring Vases Fountain


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Weight: 4.00 lbs Model Number: SPK160X03(for Vases) Ask a question about this product


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  • Internally brushless pump with 0.03m (11 inch) wire
  • Specs: 4 volts min to 12 volts max, 3.5 watts max, liquid temp 35°C (95°F) max
  • Comes with impeller, cover, and filter (on the inside)
  • Requires either a solar panel or AC adaptor to operate
  • For use in the Cascading Barrels/ Pouring Vases solar fountain with integrated style solar panel
    (panel is located in the fountain under water, instead of out of the fountain on the ground)
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