About Us

Smart Living Home & Garden was established in 2003 (originally as Smart Solar) to develop and market products powered by renewable solar energy for both the home and garden. Since then, Smart Living Home & Garden has grown into one of the world’s leading solar powered garden decor suppliers. Smart Solar continues to be our flagship brand and it remains a primary fosuc of our product development.

Smart Living Home & Garden’s corporate office and warehouse are located just outside Chicago with our main Sales/Operations office based in the Tampa Bay area.  We have additional marketing and customer service support locations in the Minneapolis and Atlanta areas as well as quality office in Quanzhou, China.

Our products are sold through major retailers, garden centers, catalogs and e-commerce companies worldwide.  In addition to our Smart Solar range of products, we have organically grown new categories which are now being marketed under our Smart Living brand.   In 2013, Smart Living Home & Garden acquired Two Dogs Designs and WeatherReady (outdoor protective covers for patio furniture and accessories).  While keeping the high quality and functional design of the original Two Dogs Designs products, the category is being re-branded into the Smart Living family in 2016.  In 2014, It’s Exciting Lighting joined our growing portfolio and firmly established Smart Living as a supplier of indoor decorative lighting as well as outdoor.

Smart Living Home & Garden is committed to developing and marketing products that are high quality, innovative and reliable. Most products are designed in-house and manufactured to our own specification. We own intellectual property in the form of utility patents for certain key product families and design protection for many other products.

Our motivated team provides outstanding service throughout the order process and beyond, building mutually beneficial trading partnerships with both customers and suppliers.

For more information about Smart Living Home & Garden:
For sales information, please email: sales@smartlivinghg.com
For marketing information, please email: anb@smartlivinghg.com


Business Ethics

We buy and develop bespoke products throughout Asia and we strive to make our product development choices based on our partner factories being independently audited.  Our partner factories are independently audited by internationally recognized QA companies such as Bureau Veritas and STR, and all adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards.

Smart Living Home & Garden has an ethical policy designed to ensure that we buy our own designed and branded products from factories that demonstrate a commitment to social and ethical standards.


Smart Living Home & Garden values our customers and we are dedicated to supplying excellent customer service.  This commitment is compulsory throughout our company.


We own intellectual property in the form of utility patents for certain key product families and design protection for various products in the range.

Corporate Responsibility

We have a team working to constantly improve trading standards and maintain levels expected by our customers. Compliance with trading standards is an important part of supplying high levels of customer service. We work towards Government and customer requirements along with supplying end-users with safe, functional and enjoyable products.

Design Registration

Smart Living Home & Garden aims to provide unique products that appeal to a wide audience and fulfill the needs of both retailers and online stores. To do this, Smart Living puts continued investment into the Product Development Team to efficiently develop and design most of the products internally. This gives us the chance to supply customers with exclusive designs from across the product range, or one-off customer special orders. Most of the product designs are registered with the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) before they are seen by industry or the public. Smart Solar will actively pursue any infringement made to these design regitrations.


Smart Living Home & Garden strongly promotes respect for each other, our customers, and suppliers in our everyday working environment. Supportive policies on health and safety, training and development, and equality are all key in our workplace. Our employees are encouraged to work within principles including, operating with integrity, constantly giving outstanding service, showing respect to all people, seeking ways to improve performance, and working together to best efficiency.