New Social Media Pages Launch

Facebook - where everyone goes to do... well, everything!

You can now find Smart Solar on Facebook with a fan page designed specifically for our US based accounts and customers. We'll be adding content on a regular basis and here you'll find everything from product images to interesting articles about solar technology and garden decor trends to product announcements. Consumers can post their own fun images showing how they've used their Smart Solar products and we'll have posts designed specifically to get feedback on what new designs and styles people most want to see.


Click the Facebook logo to visit our page, click 'like' and stay up to speed with new developments!

Need to learn about a Smart Solar product? Trying to figure out how best to clean the pump or how to assemble a fountain? Wishing you could see how the product looks when it's running in the sun or lighting up at night? Check out our new YouTube page. We'll be adding lifestyle videos that you can use on your site so consumers can see how products look as well as handy tips and tricks for getting the most enjoyment out of your fountain. Stop by and see for yourself. We'll be working on more videos over the summer and adding them as they are available. To visit our channel, click the YouTube logo below.

Click the YouTube icon to visit our page. Come check us out!