Smart Garden™

Collection: Smart Garden™

The Smart Garden brand represents our lightweight, but mighty Smart Cart! Our top-rated garden cart is made in the USA, and arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Put this hard-working cart to use for all your home improvement, landscaping and garden projects.
  • Sturdy and Heavy-Duty

    This heavy-duty cart can hold up to 300 pounds! Move mulch, stones and heavier garden supplies around your yard.

  • Unload with Ease

    The Smart Cart is easy to empty. Simply hold both handles and tilt forward for stress-free dumping and unloading.

  • Stays Put on Hills

    The back feet prevent the Smart Cart from moving or rolling down hills when left on inclines.

  • Built In Storage for Tools

    Convenient 6-hole slot storage stores garden tools in an easy-to-access location.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Hang

    Would you believe the cart that moves 300 pounds weighs only 13 pounds itself? Conveniently hang and store in your garage/shed when not in use.