Smart Garden™

Collection: Smart Garden™

The Smart Garden brand represents our Smart Cart collection! Our top-rated garden carts are made in the USA, and arrive fully assembled and ready to use. Our carts are designed for moving and unloading large loads, stability and convenient storage. Put your hard-working cart to use for all your home improvement, landscaping and garden projects.
  • Sturdy and Heavy-Duty

    This heavy-duty cart can hold up to 300 pounds! Move mulch, stones and heavier garden supplies around your yard.

  • Unload with Ease

    The Smart Cart is easy to empty. Simply hold both handles and tilt forward for stress-free dumping and unloading.

  • Stays Put on Hills

    The back feet prevent the Smart Cart from moving or rolling down hills when left on inclines.

  • Built In Storage for Tools

    Convenient 6-hole slot storage stores garden tools in an easy-to-access location.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Hang

    Would you believe the cart that moves 300 pounds weighs only 13 pounds itself? Conveniently hang and store in your garage/shed when not in use.