SANI-T 'Healthy Home' Brand Launch

Building on our existing mission to create well designed products within the indoor-outdoor home category, we have harnessed our innovation and manufacturing expertise to launch the newest brand in the Smart Living Home & Garden family, SANI-T.

With the current focus on keeping our environments healthy and safe, our line of high performance products is designed to clean, purify and sanitize.  Our goal is to bring you peace of mind in knowing your hands and home are clean and free of germs.

Our line of HAND SANITIZER is formulated with 75% alcohol, exceeding the CDC recommendation (70%) and is certified medical grade methanol free alcohol.  With emollients to keep your hands moisturized and a soft citrus breeze scent, you’ll be fresh and clean wherever you roam.  Available in a gel or spray, with multi size packs to choose from. SANI-T Hand Sanitizers are currently available both for Domestic / Stock Orders and for E-Commerce / Drop Ship Orders.

Our line of AIR PURIFIERS offer best in class features with proprietary turbine-like fan blades that increase air circulation to make your air cleaner even more effective.  A simple yet elegant glass interface reminiscent of a smart phone user experience makes them intuitive to use.  Available in two sizes to fit all your spaces. SANI-T Air Purifiers are due to launch later in 2021.