Solar-On-Demand Technology Launches

Smart Solar launched a new technology for use in their solar water features which combines a solar panel and rechargeable battery, called Solar-On-Demand. This will enable customers to enjoy their water features both during the daytime in variable weather conditions or in the evening by using the integrated battery pack to provide power to the pump when there is little or no sunlight available to operate the water fountain.

The unit comes with an easy on/off switch on the panel so the customer can literally decide when they want to operate their fountain hence "on demand." By leaving the unit in the on position, the battery provides automatic top up power during overcast conditions and will enable the pump to run on into the early evening (if charged). Alternatively, you can switch the unit off and all the power received by the panel will be used to charge the integrated rechargeable battery back. Then enjoy in the evening by simply switching the unit back on. The battery holds a maximum 6 hours of operation for the fountain.

This enhanced technology addresses the frustrations of solar fountains only operating by day in direct sunlight, and extends the period of time you can enjoy your water feature. While it is designed primarily to operate in the summer months, it will also work in spring and autumn provided there is good direct sunshine on the panel to charge the battery. Performance is directly related to the amount and strength of sunlight received.

Solar-On-Demand is being introduced into many different Smart Solar water features, and when used in their range of integrated water features, has the additional benefit of protection under Smart Solar™s patents.