My solar-on-demand fountain (with battery) stopped working. What do I do?

*This troubleshooting page applies to Solar-On-Demand fountains with solar panel model # SB1W5D, SB1W5DT, SB2W0D, SB2W0DT, SC2W0D, SC20WDT which all have 2 wires that come out of them and one is green which goes to a battery pack. If your solar panel is not one of those and your solar panel only has 1 wire coming out of it then you need to refer the troubleshooting for Standard solar fountains.

There may be a simple reason why it stopped. Many people never rinse out the filter or remove the fan to wipe off the magnet and when debris builds up inside the pump it can cause it to stop. We recommend the following troubleshooting steps to help get it working or determine which part may be the issue.

Disconnect the plug connectors and wipe off the silver part to make sure it’s clean, shiny and water is not getting into the plug. Reconnect the plugs and screw on the threaded cap until tight.

Make sure the glass on the solar panel is clean. You can clean dirt off using a sponge and water, or paper towel and Windex. If you have hard water calcium build up making it look foggy you can use vinegar or CLR to get it off.

Take the pump apart to clean the magnet on the back of the white impeller fan. To do this, pull the filter off the end of the pump, then turn the piece with the spout to the right to unlock it. See if you can spin the white fan with your finger. If it's stuck and can't turn then it could have burned out. If so you'll need to order a new pump. If it spins freely then that's good. Pull the white fan out and wipe off the magnet on the back of it. If the pump is dirty down inside you can clean down around the silver pin using a q-tip cotton swap. If you would like to see a quick video showing these steps you can check the "Videos" section at the bottom of the Product Help page or go to this link:

Unplug the green set of plugs and unplug the black set of plugs. Take the green male plug from the battery and connect it directly to the black plug from the pump.
Question #1: Does the pump run immediately when plugged into the battery?
If yes then the pump and battery are ok. Proceed to the next step.
If no then the battery may just be empty so it does not automatically mean the pump or battery is bad.

Connect just the black set of plugs together (pump to solar panel) and leave the green set (for the battery) unplugged.
Set the switch so the arrow faces “I” (on) and hold it in outside in direct sun.
Question #2: Does the pump run when plugged into the panel (black plugs) and in direct sun, without the battery connected (green plugs)?
If it's cloudy outside then this step will not work at the moment.
If yes then the pump is ok, and this one function of the solar panel is ok.
If the pump ran when connected directly to the battery but not when connected just to the panel and in direct sun then the solar panel may need replacing.

Connect the plugs correctly with black to black and green to green.
Make sure the arrow on the switch is facing “I” (on) and hold it in direct sun.
Question #3: Now that you have both connections back together correctly does the pump run when the panel is in direct sun?
Question #4: Does the pump run with the panel in the shade?
If yes to both then all parts should be ok.
If no it does not run now but the pump ran when plugged directly into the battery then the pump and battery are ok but the solar panel needs to be replaced.
If it runs in the sun but not the in shade then the battery needs to be replaced.


If you purchased your fountain or solar kit over a year ago then the warranty period has expired and you would need to order the necessary replacement part. You can click on "Parts", then "Solar Fountains", then choose from kits, panels, pumps, or batteries. If you have questions about what to order please feel contact us.

If you purchased your fountain or solar kit within 1-year then it's under warranty. If you ordered the fountain from a retailer then we will need you to provide your purchase info so we can determine your warranty period.
If you purchased your fountain or solar kit directly from us then we just need some info (name, address, phone, email) to look up your order.

If under warranty please contact us, let us know the results of each question above and provide the necessary info so we can help determine which part you need and replace it at no cost.

To contact us to receive a replacement part under warranty please click on "Support", then "Contact Us", and fill in the required info such as your purchase info, and the model numbers and QC passed numbers from your parts.