Why do I need to provide the Model numbers and QC Passed numbers?

We require customers to provide the model number and QC passed number, from both the solar panel and the pump (2 numbers on each, 4 numbers total) when processing warranty claims for a replacement part.

The model number tells us which version of the part you have. This helps us provide accurate troubleshooting, and make sure that you will receive replacement parts that are compatible with the version that you own.

The QC Passed number is like a serial number that tells us when the item was manufactured so we know how old it is. We use it for quality control because it allows us to see if there is a pattern or consistent issue with certain batches of items so that we can make any necessary improvements. QC Passed numbers are unique so every single piece that is produced by the factory has a different number. Therefore there is no way we will have these numbers on file before you contact us, or know the QC number based on the name of the product or the model number of the part.

If you can not read the label because it has faded or worn off from being exposed to the sun or water for so long, please tell us as many of the letters and numbers that are still legible. If you can not read anything on the label then a proof-of-purchase will be required.

When reviewing warranty claims, we reserve the right to require customers to provide their proof-of-purchase info with order number and purchase date, if necessary to determine the warranty period.

Note: If you do not want to perform any troubleshooting or provide the necessary information listed above then that is your choice but we will not be able to fulfill your request for free parts under warranty. We do not replace parts under warranty without these numbers or troubleshooting. This is for your benefit because we do not want to guess which version you have or which piece might be causing the issue to avoid either sending the wrong part or a part that does not resolve the issue which will just cause frustration on your part. We also don’t just replace all parts at once because sometimes there is nothing wrong with it and all you needed to do was some troubleshooting to resolve it and it would have been unnecessary to send parts that you don’t need replaced.