How is IntelliSolar different than traditional solar technology?

  • BATTERY:  Our patented Solar-on-Demand technology ran from a Ni-MH battery.   IntelliSolar utilizes a Lithium Ion battery.
    1. Li-Ion is a higher density composition meaning you can fit more energy into smaller footprint.  In our case, rather than making the battery smaller, we’ve opted to keep it the same size but have been able to double the capacity from 1,000 to 2,000 mAh.
    2. Li-Ion has faster charge times than Ni-MH.  Perfect given there is a limited amount of sun each day!
    3. Li-Ion has lower discharge rates meaning they retain their charge longer when not in use, by comparison, Ni-MH drain much faster.
    4. Li-Ion do not suffer from “memory effect” so if they are charged repeatedly while the battery still is not empty, there is no lasting negative impact.
  • PUMP: Our previous solar powered pump used in all our applications was a brushless pump meaning that it would not burn out if left running dry.  That said, a pump running without water can make a very annoying high pitched squeal when running dry which is definitely annoying to your neighbors if you’re away from home for an extended period.
    1. We’ve improved our existing brushless pump by adding a water sensor.
    2. When the water level gets too low, the pump will automatically shut off until water is added.  This new pump protections will eliminate any annoying sounds as well as prolong the overall life of the pump.


  • SOLAR PANEL:  We continue to use the best quality Crystalline Solar Panels available to ensure performance.  Despite this, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky, our current solar birdbaths and fountains don’t receive enough voltage to start running.  During cloudy weather when, again, the sun’s rays were obscured, Solar-on-Demand would run if the battery was charged but if the battery was empty, the pump would be unable to start again.  Switching to a Lithium Ion battery, which offers greater range in voltage, has also allowed us to change our circuitry to further improve performance.
    1. By reducing the starting current required for the pump to run, our new IntelliSolar birdbaths and fountains will now start earlier in the day, run later at the end of the day and more consistently during cloudy weather.
    2. The overall result is that your fountain runs more often, for longer, more consistently and with fewer interruptions.
  • REMOTE CONTROL:  By removing the manual Solar-on-Demand switch which allowed you to flip between two modes, we’ve eliminated a moving part that could occasionally fail over time while, simplifying the way you switch modes and adding more control over run times.  When utilizing the battery back-up only, Solar-on-Demand would run for up to six hours.  Once turned on, it continued until the battery was empty.
    1. IntelliSolar’s remote control allows you to easily switch between five different modes: ON (runs continuously using sun or backup battery), OFF (does not run, charges battery only), or choose one of 3 timed run modes (1, 2 or 4 HOURS) so you can enjoy your fountain without completely draining the battery. 
    2. Best yet, the remote works up to 25 feet away eliminating the need for you to get your hands wet/dirty while changing modes.
    3. If you own multiple IntelliSolar birdbaths/fountains, you can also pair the remote to turn on more than one with simultaneously with the push of a single button on one of the remotes.


What IntelliSolar SKUs are coming this June 2024?

  1. SKU: 21310024 AquaNura IntelliSolar Fountain
  2. SKU: 34208024 Riverstone 2-Tier IntelliSolar Fountain with Remote – Forest Brown
  3. SKU: 42601024 Gingko IntelliSolar Birdbath with Remote – Weathered Stone
  4. SKU: 34222024 Country Gardens 2-Tier IntelliSolar Fountain with Remote – Weathered Stone
  5. SKU: 34252024 Mahayana 2-Tier IntelliSolar Fountain with Remote - Aged Iron
  6. SKU: 24260024 Chatsworth 2-Tier IntelliSolar Fountain with Remote - Oiled Bronze

What IntelliSolar SKUs are coming later?

  1. SKU: 25373024: Louisa IntelliSolar Ceramic Birdbath with Remote – Blue
  2. SKU: 20747024 Ravenna IntelliSolar Ceramic with Remote – Blue/Mosaic
  3. SKU: 25401024: Perello IntelliSolar Birdbath with Remote - Distressed Gray