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  • 2050PKDT Solar-On-Demand Kit with Battery Pack (for Cascade on Metal Stand) *Threaded Plugs
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2050PKDT Solar-On-Demand Kit with Battery Pack (for Pouring/Cascade Fountain on Metal Stand) *Threaded Plugs


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    This is a universal Solar-On-Demand pump kit with a battery pack that can charge up in direct sun and store power so you can turn it on when you want to run it regardless of the weather! Turn any of our Cascading or Pouring fountains on metal stands from Standard Solar to Solar-On-Demand!
    • How it works:
      Solar-On-Demand technology allows you to enjoy your fountain day or night!
      When you set the switch to 'I' (ON)...
      -The panel dedicates all power from the sun or battery to the pump.
      -When there's not enough sun the battery automatically runs the pump.
      -Runs consistently as clouds pass without the fountain stopping.
      When you set the switch to 'O' (OFF/CHARGE)...
      -The panel dedicates all power to charging the battery while in the sun.
      -The pump is off and will not run in this mode.

    • What's included:
      -Solar-On-Demand Panel #SC2W0DT (with on/off switch, threaded plugs)
      -Mounting Kit #2050BMG (with adjustable post, ground stake, wall mount, wall screws for solar panel)
      -Battery Pack #BPM4V1000T (with threaded plug)
      -Pump #SP-160X3ST (with 10-ft long cord, threaded plug)
      -Hose Kit #2050KIT (with 24-inch rubber hose, foam stopper, 3 clips)

    • For use with these products only:
      Solar Cascade Fountain (jug, 3 small bowls, 1 large bowl on metal stand)
      Solar Cairo Fountain (jug and 1 large bowl on metal stand)
      Solar Marin Fish Fountain (large fish and large bowl on metal stand)
      (panel is located on the ground, instead of in the fountain under water)

    • This item is a solar kit only. The fountain is not included and is just shown for reference.


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