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2060PKR IntelliSolar Kit with Remote for Birdbath Fountain *COMING SOON!*

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We've listened to your feedback and taken the time to revise our patented Solar-On-Demand technology and we've improved every aspect of it to take it to the next level. We're excited to announce that the result is our new patent pending IntelliSolar pump kit! Here are the new features:

  • BATTERY: IntelliSolar battery packs are Lithium-Ion which has a higher capacity, faster charge time, lower voltage, lower discharge rates and no memory effect.

  • PUMP: The fully redesigned pump has less parts so all you have to do when cleaning is remove the filter cover and impeller fan. We added a water sensor so when the water level gets too low, and the sensor on the pump is dry it will automatically shut off until water is added. This new pump protection feature prolongs the overall life of the pump and eliminates any worries about it running dry or the sound it would make when that happened.

  • SOLAR PANEL: IntelliSolar panels comes with the best quality crystalline solar available on the market. We added 3 cable control clips under the panel to help keep the wiring neat and tidy. Switching to a Lithium-Ion battery, which offers greater range in voltage, allowed us to update the circuitry in the panel so the pump can start with lower voltage earlier in the morning and run later in the evening. We have also removed the manual rotating on/off switch on the panel to eliminate a moving part that could potentially wear out over time and programmed it to use a remote control!

  • REMOTE CONTROL: IntelliSolar comes with a remote control that allows you to easily switch between five different modes: On, Off (Charge), 1 hour, 2 hour, or 4 hour timers so you can enjoy your fountain without completely draining the battery. The remote let you control it from a distance so you can avoid getting your hands wet/dirty whenever you want to turn it on or off. Best yet, if you own multiple IntelliSolar fountains, you can pair one remote to multiple fountains so you can turn them all on or off simultaneously with the push of a button on one remote.

  • FOUNTAIN HEAD KIT: The outlet hole in the short nozzle and the holes around the 360 sprayer are smaller to improve spray performance.


  • What's Included:
    -Solar Panel #GB2W8RQ (1-pin plug for battery, 4-pin plug for pump)
    -Battery Pack #BPL37V2000T (green 1-pin plug)
    -Pump #GPA4Q (with water sensor and 4-pin plug)
    -Fountain Head Kit #2090FHK (360* sprayer, short nozzle, bubbler/extension)
    -Remote Control (with battery)

  • Solar Panel Dimensions: approx 6 inch x 6-5/8 inch (15 cm x 16-3/4 cm) 
    NOTE: We have not changed the dimensions of the panel so if you had a Standard solar panel or a Solar-On-Demand panel previously you can use the IntelliSolar panel without worrying if it will fit. 

  • This kit is for use in 2-Tier Solar Fountains

  • This item is a solar kit only. The fountain (base, bowl, top tier) is not included and is just shown for reference. 


  • Shipping cost is already included in the cost of the item.

  • Shipping method is US Mail Ground Advantage. 

  • If you order a replacement part and a full product and they are stocked in different warehouses they will ship separately.

Birdbath Fountains

Power Source: Solar with Battery

Battery Included: Yes

Battery Type: 3.7v 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack

Remote Control Included: Yes

Timer: Yes

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