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Tube Kit for 2-Tier Solar Fountains

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  • What's included:
    -set of two 2-inch plastic extension tubes
    -foam bung/disc that seals hole to make top tier overflow

  • Should be installed between the pump and solar panel inside the top tier

  • The foam disc is 2-1/4" wide. The tubes go through the hole in the middle of it and the wire goes in the slit on the side of it. When installed correctly it should seal the 2" hole that the tube and wire run through which causes the upper tier to fill up and overflow

  • For use with these solar fountains:
    2-tier solar fountains with panel located in the fountain under water

  • How to Install:
    If you need help installing parts into your top tier we have a step by step video showing how to do it. Click on "Support" then "Product Help" and go to the video section.

  • NOTE: The following fountains are exceptions:
    Milano Lion Heads 2-Tier Estate Fountain requires 4 tubes
    Richmond 2-Tier Fountain only requires 1 tube
    Bubbler 3-Tier Fountain only requires 1 tube
    Whitford 3-Tier Fountain uses 1 tube and a rubber hose
    Grey Round 3-Tier Cascading Pillar Fountain uses 1 tube and a rubber hose
    Black Square 4-Tier Cascading Pillar Fountain uses 1 tube and a rubber hose
    Pouring Vases/Jugs 4-Tier Fountain (from QVC) uses 1 tube and a rubber hose

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