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SANI-T Breeze Air Purifier MAX

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Assembled Dimensions: 10.63" Dia x 22.95" H

The SANI-T Breeze Air Purifier Max boasts a portable design, and can easily be moved from room to room as needed. Durable ABS plastic construction will keep your unit looking elegant and scratch free. The unit will clean air at a rate of 215 cubic feet/minute, and its PM2.5 IR sensor will detect very fine particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller. VOC sensor monitors for volatile organic compounds with strong smells found in household cleaners/chemicals. Both the PM2.5 and VOC levels will be numerically displayed on the interface. Its long-lasting filter has a reset button that will automatically turn on after 3,000 hours of use reminding you to change filters. Filter life will vary depending on use and environmental cleanliness (e.g., if the unit is set in a small poker room with four smokers or set in a restaurant back kitchen comparing to a normal clean living room, the filter life would be much different). Serves rooms and spaces up to 450 square feet. Third party certified and tested -- ETL listed, Energy Star, FCC, Calif CARB and AHAM tested.

  • Easy-breezy, fresh air: effectively target airborne contaminants like dust, smoke (from cooking, cigarettes, wildfires etc.), and common allergens like pollen/pet dander
  • 4-in-1 filter combo: integrates the pre-filter, nano silver antibacterial coating, HEPA H13 and activated carbon into one powerful filter
  • “Set it and forget it”: auto mode adjusts the fan speed as needed based upon the air quality - no messing with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, phone apps – just hit Auto!
  • Illuminated touch-screen control panel: indicates AQI, filter health/reset, easy power on/off, fan speed and lighting options
  • Night-light mode: darkens control panel with a soft night-light ring for safety
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) color display: a circular-colored ring around the control panel indicates purity of air, green being the cleanest (Green/Yellow/Red)
  • Whisper-quiet brushless motor: works quietly while you sleep, and keeps electricity costs low
  • Noise level ranges: whisper quiet (fan - low), sound of a refrigerator (fan - medium), moderate rainfall (fan - highest, 58dB)
  • Cyclone airflow: clean air flows up to ceiling expands out 360 degrees then traces along the walls back down creating full room air circulation
  • Understated clean design: integrates seamlessly into kitchens, living rooms, offices/businesses and bedrooms

Assembled Length: 10.63 in

Assembled Width: 10.63 in

Assembled Height: 22.95 in

Assembled Weight: 10.59 lb

Assembly Required: Yes

Material: ABS Plastic

Battery Required: No