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SANI-T Breeze Air Purifier MAX - Replacement Filter


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  • Replacement filter for SANI-T Breeze Air Purifier – MAX (Model No. SAN-485)
  • 4-in-1 filter combo: integrates the pre-filter, nano silver antibacterial coating, HEPA H13 and activated carbon into one powerful filter
  • Effectively traps airborne contaminants like dust, smoke (from cooking, cigarettes, wildfires etc.), and common allergens like pollen/pet dander
  • Long-lasting filter for 3,000 hours of use under normal conditions
  • Filter life depends on frequency of use and environmental cleanliness: (e.g., if the unit is set in a small poker room with four smokers or set in a restaurant back kitchen comparing to a normal clean living room, the filter life would be much different)

Assembled Length: 8.27 in

Assembled Width: 8.27 in

Assembled Height: 12.24 in

Assembled Weight: 1.95 lb

Material: HEPA