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  • SB1W1ST Standard Solar Panel 6v 1.1w (for Birdbath & 2Tier) *Threaded Plug
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SB1W1ST Standard Solar Panel 6v 1.1w WITHOUT Pump (for Birdbath & 2Tier) *Threaded Plug


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  • If your old solar panel is model# SB1W1ST (ends with T) then you can order this panel.
  • If your old solar panel is model# SB1W1S (does not end with T) and your pump is model # SP-160X01 (does not end with T) and you want a new panel then you need to order both the panel and pump in a kit.
    Here is a link to each kit based on which fountain you have:

    2060PKS-T (with panel and pump for birdbath with square reservoir)
    2060PKM-T (with panel, pump, and mounting ring for birdbath with round reservoir)
    2090PKS-T (with panel, pump, and 2-tier tubes for 2-tier fountain)


  • 6 volts, 1.1 watts
  • Dimensions: approx 6 inch x 6-5/8 inch (15 cm x 16-3/4 cm)
  • Coaxial DC plug size F (tip size: 3.5mm OD x 1.3mm ID)
  • Operates in direct sunlight only. Does NOT store any power.
  • Patented solar panel for solar Birdbath Fountains, 2-Tier Fountains, Urn Fountains, Buddha Fountains
    (these fountains have integrated style solar panels which means the panel is located in the fountain under water, instead of out of the fountain on the ground)
  • Replaces panel #2060AS01, 2062AS01, 2090AS01, 2096AS01, 2440AS01
  • Not compatible with Solar-On-Demand battery packs
  • Covered under US Patent 7,484,67 & Int'l Patent PCT/GB2004/003308 by Smart Solar Ltd 2009
  • This item is a solar panel only.
    Pump not included. Sold separately.
    Fountain Head Kit (spray pieces) not included. Sold separately.


  • If your fountain has a round reservoir then your solar panel will have a round plastic frame around it. If you have solar panel model #2060AS01 then the round frame (mounting ring) is removable to attach to a new panel. If you have solar panel model #2062AS01, 2090AS01, 2096AS01 then the round mounting ring is NOT removable. When you order a new panel or kit you will also need to order a 9" wide mounting ring# 2060MR.
    Round Mounting Ring# 2060MR (for birdbath with round reservoir)


  • This item ships via Fed Ex. See exceptions:
    If ordering multiple replacement parts that ship via FedEx then the whole order will ship via Fed Ex.
    If combined with a replacement part that ships via US Mail then the whole order ships via Fed Ex.
    If you order a replacement part and a full product they ship from different warehouses so they will ship separately.

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