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  • SB1W5DT Solar-On-Demand Panel 6v 1.5w (for Birdbath & 2Tier) *Threaded Plugs
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SB1W5DT Solar-On-Demand Panel 6v 1.5w WITHOUT Battery or Pump (for Birdbath & 2Tier) *Threaded Plugs (NOTE: Order SB2W0DT as Substitute)


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Discontinued: If your solar panel is model# SB1W5DT order panel SB2W0DT as a substitute.


  • If your solar panel is model# SB1W5DT (ends with T) then you can order this panel.
  • If your solar panel is model# SB1W5D (does not end with T) and you need to replace it then you'll also need a new battery and pump too because the plug style on the new parts are different. We have panels, pumps, and batteries available together in solar kits which costs less than ordering each part separately. Here is a list of kits based on which fountain you have:
    2060PKD-T (for birdbath fountains)
    2090PKD-T (for 2-tier fountains)
    3090PKD-T (for 3-tier Cascade Pillar fountains)


  • 6 volts, 1.5 watts, has built-in on/off dial switch
  • Dimensions: approx 6" x 6-5/8" (15cm x 16-3/4cm)
  • Black plug is Coaxial DC plug size F (tip size: 3.5mm OD x 1.3mm ID)
  • Black plug connects to pump and green plug connects to battery pack
  • "QC Passed" number laser etched into the plastic
  • Pump# SP-160X01 or SP160-03 and Battery Pack# BPM4V1000T not included. Sold separately.
  • For use with our solar birdbaths and 2-tier fountains that use patented integrated style panel (panel is located in the fountain under water, instead of out of the fountain on the ground)
  • How it works:
    When you set the switch to 'I' (ON)...
    -The panel will dedicate all power to the pump from the sun or from the battery.
    -When there is not enough sun then the battery will automatically run the pump.
    -This keeps it running consistently as clouds pass without the fountain stopping.
    -The battery may trickle charge if there's any extra power not used by the pump.
    When you set the switch to 'O' (OFF/CHARGE)...
    -During the day the panel will dedicate all direct sun to charging the battery.
    -The pump will not run in this mode while the battery is charging
  • This item is a solar panel only.
    Battery Pack not included. Sold separately.
    Pump not included. Sold separately.
    Fountain Head Kit (spray pieces) not included. Sold separately.