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  • SC2W0DT Solar-On-Demand Panel 6v 2w (for Cascade on Metal Stand) *Threaded Plug
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SC2W0DT Solar-On-Demand Panel 6v 2w WITHOUT Battery or Pump (for Cascade on Metal Stand) *Threaded Plug


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  • Compatible with battery BPM4V1000T. It is NOT compatible with battery BPM4V1000.
  • Compatible with pump SP160X3ST. It is NOT compatible with pump SP160X3S.
  • If you have battery BPM4V1000T (ends with T) and pump SP160X3ST (ends with T) then you should order panel SC2W0DT (ends with T).


  • Solar-On-Demand technology allows you to enjoy your fountain day or night!
  • How it works:
    When you set the switch to 'I' (ON)...
    -The panel will dedicate all power to the pump from the sun or from the battery.
    -When there is not enough sun then the battery will automatically run the pump.
    -This keeps it running consistently as clouds pass without the fountain stopping.
    -The battery may trickle charge if there's any extra power not used by the pump.
    When you set the switch to 'O' (OFF/CHARGE)...
    -During the day the panel will dedicate all direct sun to charging the battery.
    -The pump will not run in this mode while the battery is charging.


  • 6 volts, 2 watts, has built-in on/off switch
  • Dimensions: approx 6" x 6-1/2"
  • Black plug is Coaxial DC plug size F (tip size: 3.5mm OD x 1.3mm ID)
  • Black plug connects to the pump and green plug connects to the battery pack
  • Switch on back Black plug connects to the pump and green plug connects to the battery pack
  • Patented solar panel for all solar-on-demand fountains that use external style panels (panel is located out of the fountain on the ground, instead of in the fountain under water)
  • Comes with mounting hardware (articulating arm, ground stake, deck mount, screws)
  • This item is a solar panel only.
    Battery Pack not included. Sold separately.
    Pump not included. Sold separately.


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