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Smart Garden

Smart Cart 700


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Dimensions (outside):

  • 28" W x 40" L (front to back NOT including handle) x 26" H
  • 44” L with handle in position 1
  • 50” with handle in position 2
  • 61” with handle in position 3 

Inside Cargo Area:

  • 25.5" W x 37" L x 23"H (avg. tapers down)

Make your garden and landscaping projects much easier with the Smart Cart 700. This fully-assembled, heavy duty cart can carry up to 650 pounds and is ergonomically balanced for ease of use. It’s adjustable, three-position padded handle accommodates users of different heights, making it easy for anybody to lift and unload. The unibody construction is made from a special impact, cold-temperature modified poly material, affording lasting durability for years. This cart is mighty and sturdy, too! It stays put where you leave it, even on hills, and will not roll down. It's convenient to store, weighing only 26.5 pounds, and can easily hang in the garage or shed. The red run-flat poly wheels are 13 inches in diameter, with positive locked wheel hubcaps. Each cart is 100% American made in the great state of Tennessee, USA. Bring it home and put it to work today!


  • Unibody construction made from a special impact cold temperature modified poly material affording lasting durability for years
  • Durable 13” run-flat poly wheels
  • 5 cu ft rated payload capacity, 9.0 cu ft heaped
  • 650 lb rated payload weight limit
  • Positive lock spring steel wheel hubcaps
  • 5/8” dia galvanized steel axle

Product Features:

  • Fully assembled - bring it home and put it to work!
  • Easy to lift and dump
  • Convenient storage: lightweight and easy to hang in garage or shed, weighing only 26.5 lbs
  • Stays put! Will not roll on hills
  • Adjustable 3 position cushion handle accommodates users of different heights
  • Ergonomically balanced for ease of use
  • 100% Made in the USA

Assembled Length: 28 in

Assembled Width: 28 in

Assembled Height: 26 in

Assembled Weight: 26.5 lb

Assembly Required: No

Material: Poly

  • Heavy-Duty with 13" Premium Wheels

    Can move up to 650 pounds! Our premium no-air wheels run-flat and will not deflate.

  • Ergonomically Balanced

    Handle bar will not tip from left to right.

  • Padded Grip with 3-Position Adjustable Handle Bar

    Deisgned for optimal comfort, for users of different heights and necessary leverage. Bolt with a wing nut to ensure a positive lock when adjusting handle bar.

  • Easy to Dump and Unload

    The Smart Cart is easy to empty. Simply hold both handles and tilt forward to stress-free dumping and unloading.

  • Stays Put on Hills

    The tapered bottom prevents the Smart Cart from moving or rolling down hills when left on inclines.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Hang

    Would you believe the cart that moves 650 pounds only weighs 26.5 pounds itself? Conveniently hang and store in your garage/shed when not in use.