Customer Service

Smart Living Home & Garden prides itself on manufacturing quality products with minimal problems or issues. We absorb customer feedback as part of our commitment to continuous product development.

However, we know that every now and again problems can occur and that is when customers expect the high level of customer care that Smart Solar is able to offer.

Frequently common questions and issues can be solved by reading the information in the FAQ section.

If you need a spare part, it is easy to order online by going to the replacement parts section and paying by credit card. You can download instruction sheets for all our products which detail assembly and operating instructions, components, cleaning and maintenance as well as troubleshooting hints.

If you still need help, you can email us. Depending on the season, one of our experienced customer service team members will get back with you within a few days.

Functional Gifts for the Home Improvement Enthusiast

Keep the air in your home fresh and clean without the hassle.

The SANI-T air purifier is the perfect gift for those who like to cook a lot, or those who live in an area where air quality can be a concern.