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  • SP-160X01T Pump with 5"" cable (for Birdbath, 2-Tier, Aquanura) *Threaded Plug (PLEASE READ COMPATIBILITY)
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SP-160X01T Pump with 5" cable attached (for Birdbath, 2-Tier, Aquanura) *Threaded Plug (READ COMPATIBILITY)

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  • If your old pump is model# SP-160X01T (ends with T) then you can order this pump without needing a plug adapter.

  • Examples of solar panel model numbers that have the new threaded-style plug:

    If your solar panel is one of these numbers then no you do not need a plug adapter.
  • If your old pump is model# SP-160X01 (does not end with Tthen you have a an older version which has a discontinued plug style. When you order new pump model# SP-160X01T you will also need to order a plug adapter which is part# PA-10 to be able to connect it to your solar panel which would have an older version of the plug. The plug adapter goes in between the plugs and lets you connect a new pump with a threaded style plug to an old panel with a push together style plug.

  • Examples of solar panel model numbers that have the discontinued push-together style plug:
    SF0W6S, SB1W1S, SB1W5S, SB1W5D, SB2W0D
    If your solar panel is one of these numbers then yes you will need a plug adapter PA-10 to be able to connect this new pump.

  • If you already have a plug adapter from a previous order then you can order just the pump.
  • The other option is ordering both a new pump and new panel in a kit.
    Here are options for kits:

    Kits For Birdbaths
    (standard solar with panel and pump) for square reservoir
    2060PKM-T (standard solar with panel, pump, mounting ring) for round reservoir)
    2060PKD-T (solar-on-demand with panel, pump, battery, 2-tier tube kit)
    Kits For 2-Tier Fountains
     (standard solar with panel, pump, 2-tier tubes)
    2090PKD-T (solar-on-demand with panel, pump, battery, 2-tier tube kit)


  • Internally brushless motor with 4 inch (0.1m) cable attached
  • 4 to 12 volts max, 3.5 watts max, liquid temp 35°C (95°F) max, IP68
  • Has a threaded style plug
  • Comes with impeller, cover, and filter (on the inside)
  • Requires either a solar panel or AC adapter to operate
  • For use in these solar fountains with integrated style solar panels: Birdbaths, 2-Tiers, Umbrella Fountain with Boy & Girl (statues may vary), Urns, Buddha, Lily Pad, Aquanura (panel is located in the fountain under water, instead of out of the fountain on the ground)
  • Replaces pump model
  • When replacing older model pumps that had a different plug style such as the following model numbers then you will need also need to order a new solar panel based on your fountain:
    SP-120X01 (for Angel or St. Francis), SP-160X01 (for birdbaths), SP-160X02, SP-160XC3 (for fountains with 2 solar panels), SP-160X12 (for fountains with 2 solar panels), 20020P01, 20620P01, 20900P01, 20960P01, 20020ELCB, 20020ELCL, 24400P01
  • Note: When replacing pump #SP160X12T if you want the pump and splitter you can order item# SPK160X12T it will come with both.


  • This item ships via US Postal Service. See exceptions:
    If ordering multiple replacement parts and the total weight is over 1 lb then the order may ship via Fed Ex.
    If combined with a replacement part that ships via Fed Ex then the whole order will ship via Fed Ex.
    If you order a replacement part and a full product they ship from different warehouses so they will ship separately.